SnapSite: A Guide for Party Chairmen on Winning Political Campaigns

Campaigns cannot be one-size-fits-all. In-depth voter data analysis is your secret weapon. Utilize polling, demographic studies, and voter history to paint a precise picture of who your voters are. Segment them into categories and understand their concerns. You’ll find not all voters care about the same issues. Knowing this allows you to tailor your message […]

Don E. Lewis | Moss Funeral Home

Don E. Lewis, age 77, of Jamestown, passed away at his home on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Born on December 31, 1946, in East St. Louis, he was the beloved son of the late Elner, nee Schroeder, Haines, and Don E. Lewis, Sr.   Don’s journey through life was marked by resilience and service. A […]

RV options available in Southern Illinois for April’s eclipse | Illinois

(The Center Square) – Eclipse fever is building for people who are awaiting the 2024 Great North American Solar Eclipse, which will occur on Monday, April 8th.  Tens of thousands of people are planning to hit the highways to drive to a community where they can experience “the path of totality.” That’s the ultimate solar eclipse […]

Revealing the Influence of Dark Money on Elections: How Secret Campaign Financing Affects the Outcome – SnapSite | Website Builder | WordPress Hosting

One of the most essential aspects of any successful political campaign is managing finances. Wrongly assumed as a companion, financing is rather the lifeblood of elections – strategically deploying resources to sway public opinion and gain voters’ trust. A surprisingly opaque element of this financing landscape is ‘dark money’ – funds that are spent without […]

Illinois quick hits: Ameren announces Mobile Command Centers | Illinois

Ameren announces Mobile Command Centers Ameren Illinois is attempting to shorten the length of power outages with the help of new Mobile Command Centers. Officials said the station will allow crews to better transport needed equipment to sites of intense storm damage. They include Wi-Fi access, a generator and computers to view drone footage of […]