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Politically Speaking January 30, 2024


Excuse me, you stand corrected!

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with an individual I’ve known for some time. We rarely talk politics. However, on this particular occasion, illegal immigration was brought up. I mentioned over 10 million unvetted, illegal invaders have crossed over the border since the Biden Administration has taken control of the White House. At that point the individual quite innocently looked at me and said, “Well, Cathy, we are all immigrants.”

My answer was, “I don’t know about you, my dear, but my family came to the United States, without breaking our laws, to become Americans. They also fed, clothed and housed themselves. If they couldn’t pay for it, they did without it. And guess what, they worked! They worked hard to provide for themselves and theirs. And they didn’t come to intentionally harm anyone.”

With that, there was nowhere to go! Although there was a lot more I could have said, I didn’t; there was no point.

Moving on, needless to say, I was against the Supreme Court ruling last week. But I have to say it was a huge win for Biden when they ruled on January 22 in favor of federal authority in the Texas Border Barrier dispute. The court ruled 5–4 to allow Biden officials to remove razor wire from the Texas border.

Biden officials argued that the unauthorized wire was hindering their ability to carry out their duties. Whatever that means! In my opinion, they should have said it makes it harder to give the illegals gift cards and free phones. After all, that’s a vote.

I feel incredibly sorry for the border towns. But I also feel sorry for the rest of us for what’s possibly yet to come.

Sadly for Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and similar governors trying to protect their citizens (unlike Biden), this ruling represents the harsh reality of how uncaring our current federal government administration is to its own taxpaying legal citizens.

But surely this doesn’t come as any surprise when sanctuary states displace their own legal citizens for illegals. Under Biden and some governors (like J.B. Pritzker) illegal invaders are being put ahead of our senior citizens, veterans, children and hardworking people.

Moving on to the New Hampshire Primary last Tuesday.

Former President Donald Trump topped former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in their first one-on-one contest.

On the opposite side, the winner in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary — even though he wasn’t on the ballot — was Joe Biden; they were all write-in votes.

This was Trump’s second victory, defeating Haley and advancing toward securing the GOP Presidential nomination.

Haley vows to stay in the race as she prepares for a primary in her home state of South Carolina next month.

Biden wins — as I mentioned earlier — on the Democratic side, at this point. Unless he does what’s best for the country, he is pretty well assured to be his party’s nominee.

I can’t imagine what a debate between Biden and Trump would look like. The first big challenge would be getting Biden on stage without falling or getting lost.

For your information, remember the illegal crossing the southern border last week lipping the journalist like someone invited him to this country for dinner. With great arrogance, he said, among other things, “Soon you will all know who I am.” Spoken like a true terrorist. Simply because he was asked where he was from. In further research, that’s exactly what he is: an Iranian Islamic terrorist. More on that later.

You can thank Biden, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and others for letting him and other terrorists in.

Until next week.

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