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Politically Speaking January 24, 2024


Pull up a chair and let’s have a chat. This week let me assure you I have issues with both sides of the political aisle — meaning the Republicans and the Democrats — at the federal, state, county and local levels. Personally, I’m not against a three party system. However, I think that’s what’s happening today. There is the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and God help us, the Obama/Biden Socialist Communist Corrupt Anti-American Woke Party!

However, I would be the first to tell you I have many good Democratic friends. I also have to say they are a pleasure to communicate with because they are true patriots. They love America and they dislike what’s happening and are fearful for their children and their children’s futures under this current corrupt, self-serving regime, as I am. And most of all, they DON’T — I repeat, DON’T — want Biden to be the candidate for the Democratic Party. It’s a matter of fact. In recent polls it’s clear that three out of every four Democrats don’t want Biden on their ticket.

The other day I was visiting with an old Democratic friend that questioned whether I still found Trump to be a good President, because she felt he was mentally impaired. Trust, I didn’t have the words, and if I would have it would have ended the friendship forever! By the way, she found Biden completely competent.

Do I find Trump acceptable every time he opens his mouth? NO! But anyone, and I do mean anyone, who thinks he didn’t leave this country in much better condition than he found it needs to wake up. And anyone that can’t see it’s taken the Biden groupies only three short years to destroy what we stand for, God help you!

We have illegals, government supported people, crawling across the border taxing everything from our healthcare system to housing. We have Palestinian supporters protesting and breaching the walls of the White House. We are on the verge of World War III, or at the very least a possible civil war. Biden has destroyed everything he’s touched.

We have provided, on the backs of everyone from veterans to everyday hard-working Americans, for illegals that need to be deported now! Frankly, Pritzker and the rest of the sanctuary governors need to be deported with them, and that’s my opinion!

The only way Biden can win in 2024 is to cheat!

Donald J. Trump took Iowa hands down. Trump won as “The people’s victory.” Tell Never Trumpers to get over it! Donald Trump will be the candidate with a 64% approval rating despite every effort to destroy this man, from the Russian hoax to every trumped-up lie that could be thrown at him and his.

I personally long for the days when God was the head of our households; when riots were unthinkable; when socialism was a dirty word; when the flag was a sacred symbol; when criminals went to jail; when people knew what the Fourth of July stood for; when everyone knew the difference between right and wrong; when government stood up for Americans more than illegals; when the law meant equal justice; when America was the land filled with the brave, proud, confident and hardworking; when the police were respected for laying their lives on the line; when we were patriots and proudly said the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America!

Until next week.

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