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Illinois Supreme Court rules FOIA of FOID information not allowed | Illinois


(The Center Square) – The Illinois Supreme Court says people cannot file public records requests to get information about their Firearm Owners ID card.

In September, the Illinois Supreme Court heard a case brought by two individuals who used the Freedom of Information Act to try and get records regarding why their FOID cards were either revoked or suspended.

During oral arguments, Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis raised the prevailing point that was ultimately issued unanimously Thursday.

“These documents are not subject to FOIA, can’t be inspected or copied, but there are other avenues that people can get information,” Theis said.

Representing the plaintiffs, attorney Thomas Maag said getting such information by calling Illinois State Police is not efficient.

“I invite this court to go to their website and dial the telephone number and see how many hours it takes to get a person, if you even can,” Maag argued.

In Thursday’s unanimous decision siding with Illinois State Police in blocking the FOID card information release, even to those individuals who made the request about their information, the justices said they agree the law does not provide any exemption for individuals who are seeking their own information, even if the individual provides consent for the disclosure.

After Thursday’s ruling, the lower court’s judgment was reversed.


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