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Politically Speaking – November 7, 2023


The days of war are upon us. Sadly, many don’t get it. They go on about their business from day to day, living like there’s nothing happening, like their lives aren’t going to be affected. And the biggest problem I see is they’ll keep voting for the same old, same old, for the likes of Joe Biden and JB Pritzker, and of course, the squad, not even looking at the Democrat-controlled states.

Frankly, folks, I miss the days of mean tweets and peace around the world. I can assure you, had Trump been in office there wouldn’t be sleeper cells of Hamas terrorists already here waiting for orders to move on us. And there wouldn’t be those wishing to do us harm who are crossing our wide-open borders daily by the thousands, thanks to the Biden Administration and those that voted for him. I can assure you, as well, there wouldn’t be an issue with Iran, Russia, China, or North Korea; they wouldn’t be testing the water. Trump wouldn’t put up with it.

There isn’t a day that goes by without someone asking me what’s going to happen. In reality, no one knows; however, I will say my feelings aren’t good. I’m also asked, “If we go to war, can we win?” To that I say we’re already at war. Look at what’s happening. We sent troops to the Middle East. We have carrier ships in the Mediterranean Sea. China has sent spy balloons over the country. We’re being inundated with threats. There’s chaos in California, New York, Chicago, and in other Democrat-run states. There are protests on top of protests supporting Palestine under the control of Hamas, and it’s most likely coming to a city near you.

As per the question of whether we could win a war, I have to say that under the current administration the answer is questionable. Under Trump, after he got control of the mess, my answer would be yes.

As for the next person that says to me, “I don’t like Trump so I would still vote for Biden,” I would say Trump has my vote even though there are things Trump says and does that I don’t like. But I love my country. I hate war. Our country, when Biden took over, was in great shape; there was peace and prosperity. It has taken the current administration three years to almost destroy America. Under Biden, no one is taking us seriously, except as a meal ticket.

When Iran can stand up at the U.N. and threaten us on American soil amidst the Gaza invasion delays, we have problems. These were, by the way, direct threats, with the Pentagon revealing Iran-backed attacks on U.S. troops. Do you really believe Trump would put up with that?

Ludwig sent me some thoughts, in just a few words that sum it up perfectly, as only Ludwig could: It’s really not that complicated. Trump equals prosperity and peace. Biden equals power and war.

Until next week.

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