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Politically Speaking – October 10, 2023


What a week it was, starting last week on Monday, October 2 when former President Donald J. Trump walked into a courtroom facing a Trump-hating judge and an attorney general that ran her entire campaign on “I’ll get Trump.” Unbelievable! Then, for the first time in history, the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, was ousted. These are truly sad days in America. It makes me wonder what’s next.

But back to Trump who’s facing another left-wing witch hunt that could be the biggest joke of all, simply waking up more left-wingers, I pray. There was a time when the left wing judicial system at least took a stab at fairness, but they certainly don’t even pretend when it comes to Trump and his family any more. Today there’s no doubt we are witnessing a financial assassination attempt, and guess what, if they succeed you could be next!

Here’s the message loud and clear: if you go against these powerful politicians, they’ve as much as said by their actions, “Business folks, don’t you dare go against us or run for president again. If you do, you’ll get the corporate death penalty or worse.”

First they’ll come for your freedom and then your company, as Joe Biden and his Democratic attorneys have done to Trump.

Now they’re claiming Trump embellished the value of his real estate portfolio, when in fact, it is undervalued. And unlike Biden, Trump has real value because he built his portfolio. He’s also unlike most politicians, who can only make money on inside trading and corruption. And today, Trump is in court fighting for the survival of his real estate empire, under a camera-starved, ego-deprived judge and an attorney general that’s not got a clue about what real justice is.

Let’s look first at the judge. It’s Arthur Engoron of the state supreme court in Manhattan. He’s presiding without a jury in a civil lawsuit brought against the former president by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Judge Engoron is nothing more than a highly politicized Democrat who has hated everything about Donald Trump. This is the judge that will decide what Trump and his family’s business should be worth and whether or not to put them out of business in New York.

And then there’s Attorney General Letitia James. She said in September 2022 that Trump and his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, the Trump Organization and others committed a “staggering fraud.”

Both this judge and attorney general have a track record of going after Trump for at least three years. This judge and attorney general should recuse themselves as they’ve proven their only interest is to get Trump and photo ops.

Moving on to the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Last Tuesday he was stripped of his control less than nine months after he was handed the gavel. Eight Republicans, led by Matt Gaetz, got enough support from Democrats to successfully get rid of McCarthy by a 216 to 210 vote, resulting in North Carolina Representative Patrick McHenry taking over as speaker pro tempore.

At this point Trump has been offered Speaker of the House. Will he or won’t he? At this point he said he would do whatever he could do to help the country and the Republican Party, but currently he’s leading in the Republican Party for president.

Until next week.

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