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Politically Speaking – October 4, 2023


You’ve got to love the wisdom of Ludwig. He always keeps me grounded. In response to last week’s column that focused on the disgusting lies that have continued to come out of Joe Biden’s mouth, Ludwig’s comment was, “Half the country will agree with you. The other half will close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears and yell ‘nanananana, I can’t hear you…’”

And I totally agree. Sadly, even after the last close-to-three years, with the deterioration in America under Biden and his administration, there are those that will stand up and defend the “Biden crime families,” plus the government corruption at every level.

Looking in every direction, we have gone from being energy independent to being energy dependent. We have the highest inflation in 40 years. There is an all time high in drug deaths. We’ve gone from being the leaders of the free world to the enemies licking their chops, just waiting to strike, and the invasion on the border. And on and on it goes.

It makes one wonder, was there a plan? Is all this in the grand plan?

And speaking of that, again Ludwig comes to mind. We have had a number of conversations about the Nazi concept of Gleichschaltung or “coordination,” where the Nazis had a plan to control the media, universities, schools, the arts, and music. They were all coordinated to support Hitler’s and the Nazis’ philosophy.

Could this possibly be what’s happening in our beautiful country? Could this be what’s happening in the progressive left wing of the left wing? Is that in fact who might have been doing the coordinating over the last few years, or is it someone like Soros?

Ludwig pointed out a very critical step in taking over control, called propaganda, under Joseph Goebbels in March of 1933. Steps were taken to assume complete control of the press and all means of social communication. That included the oversight of newspapers, magazines, films, books, public meetings, ceremonies, foreign press relations, radio, and more. Sound familiar?

The goal was to control the masses without anyone noticing. In other words, brainwash them.

And remember, those critics of Hitler and the Nazis were suppressed, intimidated or murdered, which brings me full circle, e.g., Donald Trump. Just look at the war waged on Donald Trump. In the latest news, he was charged last week with an additional four indictments, one being sexual harassment as well as slander and libel, and now a judge is severing his assets and condemning his corporations.

The charge is that Trump inflated the value of corporate assets to get favorable insurance and loan terms.

But keep in mind all the foreign countries that the Bidens are involved with. Really. Are your eyes open yet? If not, let me assure you it could be too late when you wake up.

And to all the above I pray I’m wrong. I truly believe that if this mess isn’t resolved before the 2024 elections, there may never be an election decided by the voters of this country again.

Is that goal of the border invasion by illegals a way to win the 2024 elections? These people will stop at nothing, from weekly attacks on Donald Trump (making many more determined than ever to support him) to paying our enemy Iran $6 billion to release five hostages. I suspect there’s more to that story as well.

Thanks, Ludwig!

Until next week.

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