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Fundraiser for Washington County Animal Control


Friends of Washington County Animal Control will be holding a fundraiser for Washington County Animal Control on Saturday, September 30 from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. at the Irvington Community Center.

Daniel Luna-Fuller of the Friends of Washington County Animal Control said they’re trying to raise funds for Washington County Animal Control to bring more awareness to it and everything it does for the local animals. She said 100% of all the funds raised are going to go directly towards Washington County Animal Control.

“The funds we raise are so Washington County Animal Control can cover all of the animals’ needs while they’re making their transition to their “furever” home, including veterinary care. If any animals come in and they need grooming, medication or any medical care, it will help cover those costs,” she said.

There will be a silent auction, chili supper and karaoke at the event. Luna-Fuller said they do not have an official schedule of events planned but will probably have the silent auction run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. so everybody can place their bids in and get their prizes. She said the karaoke will probably start a little bit later after everybody is done eating and run from about 8:30 to 10 p.m. There is no cost to attend the event. Luna-Fuller said the silent auction is where they’re really going to be generating the funds from, but they’re also looking for people willing to make either financial donations or donations of animal related products like dog and cat food, dog and cat toys, beds and smaller fur blankets for the animals.
“We’re also looking for pet-focused donations as well. We’re just asking for donations for everything to help. The chili supper is being donated, all auction items are being donated by supporters and local businesses and even the karaoke, with the DJ donating his time. A DJ on a Saturday night is a pretty substantial donation from them,” she said.

Luna-Fuller said they are still looking for businesses that are willing to make donations for the event. “If anybody is still willing to make a donation to go towards the silent auction or a financial donation, let us know,” she said.

Luna-Fuller said for those who can’t attend the event and want to donate animal-related products or finances, they can go to Chops in Ashley, Shakes and Ladders in Richview or Washington County Animal Control to donate. “Chops, and Shakes and Ladders are our two fundraising sites, so if they want to drop off any donations, they can. We also have donation buckets scattered through Nashville, Richview and Irvington,” she said.

This event is being held the same day as Nashville Fall Fest. Luna-Fuller said she’ll be at the pet parade at Fall Fest in the morning and will be encouraging people to attend the event at Irvington Community Center that takes place later that day.

Luna-Fuller said a couple members of the Friends of Washington County Animal Control foster some of the animals at Washington County Animal Control to help them get socialized, in addition to helping with donations throughout the year.

The Friends of Animal Control are just local residents who aim to show their appreciation for everything that the staff and volunteers at Washington County Animal Control do daily for the four-legged residents of Washington County.

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