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Illinois quick hits: Pension debt second worst; ‘right of conscience’ trial begins | Illinois


Illinois’ pension debt second worst

Illinois has the second highest public sector pension liability per capita, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council. The group reviewed total amount of pension debt per state and found behind only Alaska’s $46,000 each person owes for pensions, Illinois is second worse with each Illinoisans on the hook for nearly $37,000. Nationwide, pension debt totals nearly $7 trillion, or around $21,000 per person.

‘Right of conscience’ trial begins 

A case challenging the state’s Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act begins Wednesday. The bench trial in the case is over a challenge to a 2016 amendment to state law that requires medical or counseling professionals to promote abortion regardless of their ethical or moral views. The Thomas More Society argues in federal court the law is unconstitutional by compelling speech. 

Chicago to vote on tipped wage plan

Chicago city council members vote on Wednesday on whether or not to raise the tipped wage over the next several years. The proposal would raise the wage by 8% each year for five years. Currently, workers who make tips get paid 60% of the states minimum wage. Employers have to make up the difference if tips don’t bring their wage to the minimum. 

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