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Politically Speaking – September 12, 2023


The 2024 election is not about being a Democrat versus a Republican. It’s about standing up for freedom and being able to live your life as our founding fathers intended. They paid a heavy price for your right to decide if you want to have more than one or two beers a week if you wish. And yes, there is a movement going on to limit adults’ beer intake to only two per week. They paid for your right to drive a gas car and not an electric car by a certain year, or own guns as long as you are legal. Or how about buying a gas stove, washer and dryer? Or not having to follow any hare-brained idea Biden / Obama is trying to shove down your throats. You and your family have the right to feel safe and secure in your own home and country. Or how about feeding your family and being able to afford groceries? Or better yet, sending your children to school and knowing that they are not being taught smut. Where are your parental rights?

Americans are burdened by Bidenomics. The struggle today is just making it from paycheck to paycheck if you’re lucky.

Keep in mind the more divided we are the more government can control us.

However, recently I’m finding hope in recent polls that show that 70% plus of Democrats, Republicans and Independents are against Biden running again.

In reality, I personally don’t assume it’s a given. In my opinion, it’s far from it. I predict the corrupt underground progressive woke group will wait till the final hour and pull Biden out of the race. Then in comes someone like Michelle Obama, giving Barack his opportunity to run his fourth term. The thought has crossed my mind that the king of division, Barack Obama, is in the wings instructing the Biden groupies as to what to do step by step. It’s no secret Biden doesn’t know his way off stage, let alone how to run a country. So is Obama serving his third term right now? There must have been a reason for the Obamas to live two miles from the White House. Couldn’t be for the low crime rate. But it’s hard to be the President living in Chicago or Springfield, Illinois.

But going back, let’s face it. Most people want the same thing: Food on the table, a roof over their heads, to feel safe and not have to worry about the crime rate across the country, to raise their children properly and maintain their parental rights, and to practice their faith.

But most of all, they want to feel their government has their back. That’s not the case anymore, because it’s not about you any more. It’s about control.

Last week I did find some interesting facts about Press Secretary and alleged assistant to Biden, Karine Jean-Pierre. She has been a longtime advisor to Biden. She not only has served Biden, but also the Obama administration. She was regional political director for Obama’s 2008 campaign and the regional political director for the White House Office of Political Affairs during the Obama/Biden administration’s first term as well as Deputy Director for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and campaign manager for ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Initiative. Need I say more. For me it tells me there’s a reason Biden’s reelection campaign consisted of ten people and tells me the Obamas are on the move. Could it all be in the plan? Time will tell.

Moving on to Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard.

The Effect On Our Peace Officers

By Jeff Bullard, Jefferson County Sheriff

Now, more than ever, we need men and women ready to answer the call to put on a badge, gun, and uniform to stand in the gap between the ever-growing evil in our land and our good citizens. Yet, in our hour of need, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find candidates willing to take on the responsibility of a peace officer. Why is this?

Our system of justice is under attack. Anarchist groups financed by extreme leftist sponsors are trying to dismantle it in the name of reform. They start by using emotional and violent responses to acts committed by an officer that they believe they can make fit their narrative.

Whether the officer’s actions were wrong, as with the death of George Floyd in 2020, or correct as with the death of Michael Brown in 2014, these anti-police groups will drive the emotions of anyone supporting their cause to the point of blind rage, resulting in violent riots. It happens quickly, before there can even be a proper investigation into the facts surrounding the death, and spreads to other cities. Politicians that either support the same anti-police agenda or are too afraid to stand against it allow cities to burn, and many times don’t let their police force stop it. Innocent people are hurt and killed, the police are ordered to stand down, and in the mainstream news media the rioters are made to look like victims performing righteous acts. This demoralizes a police force, and not just in the city where it is happening.

What is the point of this violence? Remember, I said there was a strategy. The plan held by these groups is to stir violence to be used as political influence to change laws and public policy, not just in the cities where the incidents took place, but everywhere they can push their influence. I remember while still working for Mt. Vernon PD in 2014 and going to back up patrol officers during a violent call. While on scene, I heard people involved taunting the uniformed officers, accusing them of looking for a reason to pull a “Michael Brown” on them.

Many of the criminal justice reform bills introduced and passed the last decade, especially in Illinois, have been a result of the political influence by anti-police groups. Many times, a false narrative that peace officers are racists, along with the system, is pushed with claims that widespread reform is needed. The aforementioned death of Michael Brown, coupled with the “chokehold” death of Eric Garner in New York City in 2014, was the main driving force behind Illinois to pass SB1304 in 2015. This bill was not supported by law enforcement organizations but passed anyway. It banned chokeholds, required officers to attend training on constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, procedural justice, civil rights, human rights, and cultural competency, and established the state police as a central depository for all kinds of criminal justice data that local law enforcement became obligated to report to either monthly or annually. There were many other parts to it, as well.

On the surface, those reforms don’t sound bad, right? However, have you ever worked for a boss who was a micro-manager? Did you enjoy it? Did you feel trusted? Were you ever made to go to training over something you already knew and were practicing? How did that feel? Did you ever work for a boss who would make unpopular rules for the entire workforce based on the bad acts of one or a few employees? Did you enjoy that? Well, over 95% of the officers working in their communities are good cops and they were insulted by it.

Then came the SAFE-T Act in 2021. 30 years of bad legislative ideas the left could not get passed before. So, they crammed it all into one bill and the 101st General Assembly passed it in the early morning hours as their last official act. This act was so horrible as originally written, multiple Sheriffs, other criminal justice leaders, and officers, retired or resigned from their positions, not wanting to be exposed to how this reform would change the profession of policing. This would include the elimination of cash bail, which officers feared could create a revolving door in the justice system, further weakening officers’ efforts to keep their communities safe.

With the SAFE-T Act as law, ILETSB (Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board) can now go digging into an officer’s past as far as they want in an effort to find a reason to decertify them. Fox News reported on August 23 that ILETSB decertified Riverside Officer Zena Ramos for a 15-year-old misdemeanor theft arrest of less than $20 that she was never convicted for, and openly and honestly spoke about with the administration that hired her. Officers see this, and just shake their heads.

Finally, there are the growing instances of officers being mandated to enforce unpopular or even unconstitutional laws they didn’t create. In the Eric Garner case, it was started because he was wanted for selling cigarettes without a tax stamp. Are you kidding?! I know solid officers that worked in cities with liberal governments that retired because they felt their local leaders were more concerned about COVID-19 mask mandate enforcement than stopping violent crime. This year tops them all, with our Governor signing the most restrictive gun control law in U.S. history. Trying to ban 170 types of firearms that are clearly in common use and forcing serial number registration are not the acts of a government that respects our constitution, or the oath our officers took to uphold it. Our Governor said, more than once, on national news, he would force all law enforcement officers, including sheriffs, to enforce the gun ban. He won’t get far with me, but unfortunately, some leaders will comply. Most officers want nothing to do with enforcing this law, if the U.S. Supreme Court would uphold it. They know they would be seen as the bad guys by most of the public. Again, that is demoralizing.

The bottom line is many officers in our state are tired of being painted as untrained, unintelligent, racist Nazis that lack any integrity, would cover up criminal activity for another officer at the drop of a hat, and can’t be trusted. They feel beat up. They feel frustrated. Many are on the edge of walking away, for good. Our people can stop this from getting any worse, though.

You can believe what I am saying and do something about it or remain asleep and do nothing. Whatever you choose to do, know that those who continue to attack public safety, law and order, our system of justice, and those charged with the responsibility to maintain it, will take the peoples’ apathy as permission to proceed. Don’t support any political candidate with your vote that does not support law and order and our peace officers. Don’t support any business or organization with your money or ratings if they have anti-police views. Finally, be publicly bold with your support for the thin blue line and those who defend it. Your safety could be riding on it, and sooner than you might think.

Feel free to contact me at sheriffjeffbullard@gmail.com. Thank you and stay safe everyone.

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