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12th Annual Elmwood Speaks – The Shoppers Weekly


The historic tour through Elmwood Cemetery takes you back into the past lives of individuals from the community. Each actor or actress studies the role of their individual.

During the tour, the actors and actresses stand in front of their individual’s grave and share where that person worked, what their family life was like, and how they died. Elm­wood Speaks Director Lana Shaw credits this year’s success to committee members, actors, volunteers, sponsors and all attendees.

This year’s performers were: Cherokee Ray who portrayed David L. Bierman, an accident prone teenager who died in a motorcycle accident; John Stuehmeier who portrayed Berthold Haussler, a mayor and business owner of Haussler’s Furniture, Cabinet Making & Undertaking; Amber Nail who portrayed Goddina L. Welden, the Centralia Public Librarian for over 50 years; Corey Davenport who portrayed Frank C. Barr, a hoisting engineer at Centralia Coal Mine Company; Anthony Brooks who portrayed his grandfather, John D. McDonald, the first black executive at Murray Center, who was also an active church and community organization member; Timothia Reid who portrayed Doris Clark, a courthouse worker, teacher, community activist and leader; Scout Veller who portrayed Justine Lukaseck, an Austrian/Hungarian immigrant who raised 12 children after her husband died and overcame many hardships; and Doug Hixson who portrayed Daniel Kugler, a cigar store owner and factory owner.

David L. Bierman portrayed by Cherokee Ray

Berthold Haussler portrayed by John Stuehmeier

Goddina L. Welden portrayed by Amber Nail

Frank C. Barr portrayed by Corey Davenport

John D. McDonald portrayed by Anthony Brooks

Doris Clark portrayed by Timothia Reid

Justine Lukaseck portrayed by Scout Veller

Daniel Kugler portrayed by Doug Hixson

The Shoppers Weekly

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