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Politically Speaking – September 5, 2023


Stepping back to August 8, to the outrage Biden caused during his visit to Maui after making statements comparing a small kitchen fire that took all of 20 minutes to extinguish — and almost losing his cat, Corvette and wife — to the deadly wildfire on the Hawaiian island. The wildfires in Hawaii reduced the historic town of Lahaina almost completely to ashes and killed over a hundred, leaving many more unaccounted for with slim hopes of finding them alive. The kicker was when he said he knew how it felt to lose a home. In my opinion, his comments were unacceptable, totally unacceptable!

Close to press time I checked to see if anything had changed, and according to the White House some government money was being unlocked to cover expenses for debris removal and protective measures in Maui County as well as some assistance.

I said earlier that each day that goes by things just get crazier. Then Ludwig reminded me that nothing much had been done to help those in Ohio after a 51-car train derailment on the east side of East Palestine, Ohio where 49 cars ended up in a pile and caught fire at around 8:55 p.m. on February 3, earlier this year. Mayor Trent Conaway declared a state of emergency. Water spillage was noted and citizens could smell toxic fumes. On February 5 there was a mandatory evacuation of all residents within a one to two mile radius. To state it mildly, to say the least, everything was a mess, from air quality to the water supply. The White House did nothing to help the people of East Palestine. The chemical spill killed an estimated 3,500 fish across 7.5 miles of water streams immediately. Later estimates put the number at 45,000 wildlife.

Former President Trump visited East Palestine on February 22. He criticized the federal response and offered relief, providing thousands of bottles of water and purchasing food for all first responders, which was a lot more than Biden did. So to date, what has been done by the Biden administration to help the victims of the Ohio derailment? Absolutely nothing!

Biden’s response to anything seems to be nothing except to make everything worse.

Moving on to the first Republican debate. Many seemed to be impressed by Vivek Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old entrepreneur and first-time candidate. I personally wasn’t. I don’t take anyone seriously who takes money — whether it’s grant money or not — from George Soros or any of the Soros family. At this point, in my opinion, Soros has bought and paid for a good part of the corrupt judicial system. Vivek took grant money in law school from Soros. When defending his actions later, he said he needed the money. In fact, the very year he took the money his tax return showed he made two and a half million dollars. Does this sound like he needed the money?

Ron DeSantis left me wondering, but he wasn’t on the receiving end of many attacks.

Chris Christie and former Vice President Mike Pence would have been better off staying home. Tim Scott took, in my opinion, a good stand on the southern border, illegal immigration and fentanyl. He spoke of finishing the border wall.

Nikki Haley, who has a lot of foreign relations experience that’s so necessary now‚ is most important, although there are some that say she is a warmonger. She was the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. I was impressed. She held her own on stage.

The rest I haven’t anything to say about. I will say I felt the debate was more like a food fight than an exchange of problem-solving ideas. Time will tell. And I can say that with the damage that’s been done by Biden and his administration, it’s going to take someone tough! But who?

A final thought this week: I find it interesting everything Trump’s been charged with, Biden has done time and time again, along with son Hunter, not to mention the Biden “crime family.” And how convenient that all these trumped-up Trump charges came to the forefront during the 2024 campaign season with the first trial date on Super Tuesday. Really!

Leaving you with the new Republican slogan: “The more you indict, the more we unite. “

Until next week.

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