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Politically Speaking – August 22, 2023


Each day that goes by seems to get crazier, from the trumped up charges against Donald Trump to the Biden family’s antics, to Joe Biden’s absurd actions. The latest one of many Joe Biden is facing is new criticism to his many responses to the devastating fires on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Sadly, the loss of life is heartbreaking and the destruction across the once beautiful land of Hawaii is horrific. The Big Guy’s answer: He’s generously giving each victim $700 per household in emergency aid. In my opinion, as well as his political opponents’, the sum is insulting, especially when one compares it to the more than $113 billion worth of aid the U.S. has sent to Ukraine. A week ago Monday the government announced it was sending an additional $200 million in defense capabilities to Zelenski. That after Biden’s dismissive responses to the death toll on Maui while spending time on vacation at his Delaware beach house.

It is time to pay attention to our own people instead of Ukraine and illegals. Let’s stop the endless flow of money to everyone except our own. And let’s pull up Biden’s welcome mats — adding insult to injury — to feed, clothe, and house them. Frankly, it’s past time.

I continue to ask myself who voted for Biden and his gang of rocket scientists!

The White House finally announced that on Monday, August 21 Joe and Jill will visit Hawaii.

Moving on, as reported recently, the Biden administration has informed some of the families of the victims of the 9-11 attack that Khalid Mohammed, the mastermind of this horrific attack, along with a few other defendants could be spared the death penalty under plea agreements being considered by the administration. The Associated Press obtained the notice in the form of a letter that was sent to the victims’ families. The basic information in the letter informed the loved ones that while no plea agreement has been finalized, it is possible that a pretrial agreement in this case would remove the death penalty.

Some relatives of the 2,977 people murdered in these terrorist attacks expressed outrage over even the possibility of a plea deal being made, and in my opinion, justifiably so.

One of the relatives of a victim responded, “Our children are dead nearly 22 years after the attacks.” Why? Frankly, I would have said a lot more than that. The Trump administration had previously ruled out any plea bargains. The FBI wouldn’t comment on the letter when asked. I guess they’re too busy with the trumped up charges against Trump.

Are you awake yet?

On this subject, let me leave you with this piece of knowledge: When the mastermind Mohammed emerged at a military hearing at Guantánamo Bay a few week ago, smiling and waving to the gallery, many Americans were left wondering: Why isn’t he dead yet? In my opinion, he and his buddies should be. Each one has pled guilty!

Until next week.

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