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Politically Speaking – August 8th, 2023


I have to give credit to the New York Post for being one of the first to call out Illinois woke progressive Governor J.B. Pritzker who was the first to allow illegals to arrest legal American citizens in a shock law shakeup. J.B. signed Illinois House Bill 3751 last week. The bill no longer requires a police officer to be a U.S. citizen in Illinois. This bill goes into effect on January 1, 2024, along with others that J.B signed, putting U.S. citizens in jeopardy—like no cash bail. No wonder there’s a shortage of police. They get no support from the Democratic state government gang of Illinois, along with the progressive thugs in this state. This bill was signed when no one was looking, after 5:00 p.m. in the evening. Remember the Illinois House is controlled by the Democrats. Wake up, Cook County!

Illinois Representative Mary Miller, a Republican, voiced her outrage by saying, “No sane state would allow foreign nationals to arrest their citizens. This is madness!”

The key word is sane.

So to put it in lay terms, people who are breaking the law by their very presence here can arrest American citizens.

The Federal Order of Police also condemned the bill after it passed. All this comes at a time when our police officers need all the support they can get, not another slap in the face.

Democratic Representative Barbara Hernandez, who sponsored the bill, defended the bill as a “natural progression.” I’d call it natural woke progressive. You’ve got to love the blue states.

Moving on to the federal level… While speaking of insanity, the Biden Administration just announced plans last week to welcome more Latin American and Caribbean migrants now in Mexico across the borders into the U.S. through the refugee resettlement program. This includes Cubans as well as people from Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela who are already in Mexico as reported by CBS. This move makes these illegals eligible for government assistance. This group will reach over 200,000 — some estimate over 300,000 — in the next few months.

And lucky us, we get to feed, house, dress and care for these people. Why not? Look at how much it cost us to support Ukraine and the rest of the world.

And to make matters worse, Biden just canceled his offer for six million barrels to refill our strategic petroleum reserve.

This leaves the nation’s emergency stockpile at its lowest level in 40 years as oil prices trend upward.

On a final note, former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer told Congress that in Hunter’s business deals he referred to his father Joe as “my guy” while connecting his Dad to foreign associates nearly two dozen times as Republicans move closer to starting impeachment inquiries.

Yet Joe Biden has said over and over that he’s never spoken to his son Hunter about his business dealings. He knew nothing.

Sadly, Biden and his gang of thugs have done nothing but lie to the American people over the years.

No wonder Washington, D.C. has become the clown show capital of the world.

Until next week!

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