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Politically Speaking – July 25, 2023


As Joe Biden heads to the basement in his new tennis shoes to start his 2024 campaign, the world is in crisis and liberal media like CNN just aren’t saying much, if anything, about it. It’s beyond me.

To start with, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles as a U.S. nuclear armed submarine docked in South Korea. The Japanese and South Korean militaries alerted us just hours after we arrived in a South Korean port for the first time in four decades. At the same time, North Koreans were holding rallies denouncing the “imperialist U.S.”

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff called on North Korea to cease such launches and strongly condemned successive ballistic missile launches that threaten the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula as well as the international community and are a clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions. The U.S. has committed to using the full range of its military power, including nuclear weapons, to defend South Korea.

If that’s not enough, last Thursday the U.S. was readying a couple thousand reservists and sending additional warships into Middle Eastern waters amid rising tensions with Iran, citing Iran’s recent attempts to seize ships in the region. These actions along with those of other nations in the region will further safeguard the free flow of international waters as well as uphold the international order and deter Iranian destabilizing activities in the region. It’s been reported Iran has attempted to seize nearly 20 merchant vessels sailing in the area.

I’ve said all along, before it’s over we’ll be at war! I pray I’m wrong.

I can honestly say there’s a lot I don’t like about Trump but there’s a lot I do like. One of those things is he didn’t put up with crazy dictators from Russia, Iran or North Korea.

Moving on to the U.S. It seems like yesterday New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) with open arms and a big mouth welcomed illegal immigrants to his city. Yet today he’s telling them that if they come he can’t assure them of shelter or anything else. He who speaks with a forked tongue…

So what happened? Did he get a dose of common sense? Maybe he started listening to real Americans.

On to the recent censorship hearing. I watched most of it.

The Democrats’ obsession with censorship has pitted the party against one of their own, RFK, Jr., 2024 Presidential candidate. They went after RFK, Jr. during the hearing with a batch of lies, trying to shut him up. What are they afraid of? Losing control?

His big mistake was going after Big Pharma. Are they embarrassed they botched their response to COVID? How dare Kennedy question them. Should he be bowing down to Biden and his gang?

In fact, they would rather elect Biden and keep control instead of doing what’s right.

The Democratic Party isn’t what it used to be, yet neither is the Republican Party. God help us!

Let me leave you with a quote from Plato.

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” —Plato

Until next week, please Joe, stay in the basement.

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