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Jefferson County: New software delays property tax


Jefferson County Treasurer Bob Watt has released an update on the status of 2022 real estate property tax billing.

Jefferson County has been in the process of converting to a new tax software program. Needless to say, this is a long and complex process which began in October, 2022 and involves the Assessor’s offices, the County Clerk’s office, the Treasurer’s office, and of course the new tax software company. This is a change that needed to be made in order to maintain integrity in the billing and collection processes, provide for reliable computer support, and upgrade the system to 21st century standards.

While the County has made much progress in this conversion, they have encountered some challenges that will result in a delay in mailing the 2022 real estate property tax bills. At this time, they estimate that the tax bills will be mailed in mid-September. The tentative due dates are expected to be in mid-October, and mid-November. This is a deviation from what taxpayers have experienced over the past few years, but is a necessary modification to enable the County to make distribution of property tax collections before the end of the County’s fiscal year which ends November 30.

Taxpayers may notice some differences in the appearance of their tax bills, but those differences are minor, and hopefully will not create any confusion. In addition to the new tax system, there will also be a new website available for taxpayers to locate their tax bills online if they should have the need. That new site will be jeffersonil.devnetwedge.com and will become active around the time the tax bills are to be mailed.

Property tax payments may be made in the same ways that have been available for the past several years. One new addition is a QR code on the tax bills which can be scanned with a cell phone that will take the taxpayer directly to the online payment platform which should make the payment process easier. For details about how taxes may be paid, the taxpayer will find information on the reverse side of their tax bills, or by going to the county website at jeffersoncounty.illinois.gov and locating the “How do I” section of the website.

For taxpayers who are interested in having property tax bills delivered more quickly, the County does have the capability of delivering tax bills electronically via email. To register for email delivery, go to enoticesonline.com and create an account. An authorization code, which appears on each tax bill, is required to register for email delivery. If someone does not have their authorization code, it may be obtained by calling the Treasurer’s office. As always, they are there to answer any questions the taxpayers might have. Just call them at 618-244-8010, and they will do their best to answer your questions.

The Treasurer’s office thanks you for your patience as they navigate their way through this conversion.

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