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Robinsons say their goodbyes to Showcase Wing at Scott Air Force Base


SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. — Col. Chris Robinson and his wife, Stephanie, are bidding farewell to Team Scott as they prepare to head to Washington, D.C. for their next assignment. After successfully organizing the 375th Air Mobility Wing into a “Combat Ready, Showcase Worthy” machine, Col. Robinson will relinquish command to Col. John Poole at a change of command ceremony on July 14. Col. Poole previously served as commander of the 317th Operation Group at Dyess AFB, Texas.

The Robinsons express their gratitude to Team Scott for leaving a lasting impact on their family. Over the past two years, the 375th Air Mobility Wing has played a significant role in global events such as Operation Allies Refuge, Operation Allies Welcome, and providing critical assistance to Ukraine during the Russian invasion. Col. Robinson emphasizes the unique capabilities of Air Mobility Command and its ability to project power worldwide. The wing’s innovative efforts, such as the Scott Pass and drone flying program, have provided additional safety and efficiency. Stephanie expresses her gratitude for being part of the Airmen’s lives and witnessing their accomplishments and challenges.

Two remarkable experiences for the Robinsons include the Air Force’s 75th anniversary ball and the airshow, which showcased the close-knit community at Scott AFB. Despite the challenges of military life, the Robinsons prioritize quality time with their family and understand the importance of their Air Force responsibilities. Stephanie highlights the importance of forming a community and finding support from friends. The Robinsons have made connections with Airmen by serving alongside them during holidays and special events.

Reflecting on his leadership role, Col. Robinson feels connected to the Airmen and is proud of their achievements. He credits the readiness of the wing and its ability to deploy rapidly to the joint force and allied partners to proactive leadership displayed by NCOs. These leaders play a vital role in supporting Airmen’s well-being and have prevented instances of suicidal ideations within the ranks. Col. Robinson believes that every Airman, regardless of rank, has the potential to achieve incredible feats and make a difference.

Col. Robinson also emphasizes the importance of Airmen in recruiting and inspiring the next generation of leaders. He encourages Airmen to share their stories and make connections outside the gates of the base. Despite the nice-to-have things, Col. Robinson urges everyone to prioritize essential tasks and remain committed to the organization’s purpose and function.

Overall, Col. Robinson and Stephanie express their gratitude for their time at Scott AFB and the opportunity to be part of a remarkable community.

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