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Politically Speaking – July 11, 2023


This week’s column starts with our dear friend and contributor, Ludwig, with his thoughts and reminders for all. Ludwig, again in his amazing intelligence said this week, “Thank God for the Supreme Court in ending affirmative action and stopping Biden’s efforts to cancel student loans. Biden, the Wannabe Dictator, has been thwarted… at least for the moment.”

And to all the above, I agree!

My thoughts: Needless to say Biden and his handlers weren’t happy with the Supreme Court ruling (of course). In my opinion, there’s nothing the corrupt Biden Administration would like about anyone following the law and not violating the Constitution of the U.S. That’s stepping away from their socialist progressive views. However, the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action amounts to serious setbacks for Biden’s promise to advance social equity and erase student debt. But trust Biden and his team have already begun blaming the Republicans for dismantling social programs. The other problem is three justices on the Supreme Court within the majority were appointed by President Donald J. Trump. Let me remind you all, as a progressive socialist, you have all the rights as we see freedom for conservatives deteriorate. And I say once again, enough is enough!

God help the Supreme Court that has their very existence threatened just for interpreting the law and Constitution, the very foundation of this country.

So how does affirmative action work? Allegedly the main purpose is to diversify various parts of society. The government backed policy was developed to provide inadequately represented groups of people with access to opportunities in academia, the private workforce and government jobs, etc. This has included admission to schools, jobs in professional positions, and access to housing and finance.

In other words, work hard, be financially responsible, and study hard. You aren’t what they want; you could be too hard to brainwash.

Affirmative action was developed in 1964 to enforce the Civil Rights act, which sought to eliminate discrimination. Those days are over for most.

Work hard, be responsible, have good work ethics, stand on your own two feet, and you would not have a problem with the Supreme Court. Obey the laws of the land.

A hand up is different than a hand out, which is where we are. A hand out. Free housing, free food, free medical care. Free. Free. Free. Open borders, come one, come all.

Failure to meet some requirements could disqualify individuals and institutions from receiving government funding. Of course, more will go along with this socialism out of fear. Flashback: Hitler, Stalin, and on and on. For example, the libraries and schools. If you don’t do what we want, like remove unfit reading material that children have access to, you’re defunded.

This law goes into effect January 2024 in the progressive state of Illinois.

Where do we go from here?

On a closing note, last year Biden signed an executive order (14067-Section 4) for 24-7 surveillance of all U.S. citizens’ money. Jim Rickards, a former advisor to the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI said, “This is the most treacherous act by a sitting U.S. President.”

Read between the lines.

“When Biden signed this death warrant on the American people’s freedom, not one Democrat sounded the alarm.”

To control your money, that’s total control. Is that the aim? Keep voting the same way and keep getting the same thing.

So who is Jim Rickards? He is an American lawyer, investment banker, media commentator, and author on matters of finance and precious metals. He also wrote Current Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis (2011) and six other books. He currently lives in Connecticut.

Leaving you with one more thought from Ludwig as he reminded me: Read the book 1984 by George Orwell. Or better yet, read the history of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other leaders and how they took control.

Until next week.

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Cathy Stuehmeier

Cathy Stuehmeier

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