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Politically Speaking – June 27, 2023


Joe Biden spoke at the National Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford on Friday, June 16 and wrapped up the speech with “God Save the Queen, man” before exiting the stage. As I recall, Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch, died Sept. 8, 2022 at age 96. A short time later, the White House spokesperson scrambled to explain Biden’s comments.

Folks, there’s no explanation!

Yet, around the same time, Sen. John Fetterman, (D–PA) turned heads on the Senate floor during a Senate infrastructure hearing. When asked to speak about an elevated highway collapse he made rambling, incoherent remarks while continuing to repeat the name of the highway three times ­— I-95, I-95, I-95 — having a difficult time just getting that much out. With even more trouble, he mentioned the significance of the problem.

Is this the face of the new Democratic Party? It’s certainly not the old Democratic Party. Personally, I find both cases sad. Both Biden and Fetterman should, in my opinion, be replaced. It’s apparent neither is fit to serve in any capacity.

Moving on, where does the impeachment of Joe Biden stand? As of last week on Thursday, exactly where I expected it to go: Nowhere!

What I wrote last week still holds true, “America was founded on the principal of equal justice under the law for all.” But today there is one set of rules for Conservatives and another set for Woke Democrats, the new Democratic Party.

There certainly couldn’t have been any doubt in anyone’s mind as we all watched the Biden regime and the deep state two weeks ago use the Judicial Department of our government trying to put a rival in jail. But that’s been going on a long time.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R–CO), a conservative hard liner, brought the Biden impeachment vote to the floor. However, the House voted 219-208 along party lines and agreed to forgo forcing an impeachment vote but sent it to two committees, knowing it was most likely to fail on the floor and leaving many conservative Republicans infuriated. These actions only delay the inevitable vote in coming months (so they say).

The Constitution states that a President can be impeached and removed from office for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Washington, D.C. is broken. The problem I see is why isn’t it being fixed?

And speaking of broken, the House had two votes on the schedule, one for Biden and the other for Adam (Shifty) Schiff of California.

The censuring of Rep. Schiff is the second attempt. This one was for misleading the American public, for conduct unbecoming of an elected member of the House of Representatives.

And to make matters worse, Joe Biden’s son Hunter copped a plea deal. Like we knew that wouldn’t happen.

However, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has plans for Hunter’s plea deal. Oh, the webs they weave.

On a closing note, for those who have asked where’s Ludwig, let me assure you he’s alive and well, and still full of much wisdom, as always. He had this to say about Trump’s secret document indictments:

“The Law referenced is the Presidential Records Act, that was passed after Nixon tried to destroy records, and the Congress wanted to make sure that all the presidential documents were curated and preserved. It is a complicated Act that has been amended and modified by some Executive Orders.

“But he is not being indicted for violating the Act. The Act has no enforcement mechanism.

“The indictments are Process Crimes. Loosely, it is for failing to respond to a subpoena, and thus, obstruction of justice. They are trying to weave it together with the 1917 Espionage Act, to get a 10 year prison term.

“A lot of imagination going on here. This could only happen under a Democrat administration against a misfit like Trump.

“And it still can’t stop him from running for President again.”

Until next week.

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