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Illinois Democrats and Republicans react to presidential debate | Illinois


(The Center Square) – With less than two months until the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the Illinois governor reacted to Thursday night’s presidential debate by issuing a statement that omits the Democratic incumbent president’s name. 

After the debate, Gov. J.B. Pritzker said in a tweet that voters face a stark choice in November. He stated the choice is between “a president with the experience to fight for hardworking families across the country vs a 34-count convicted felon who cares only about himself.” Pritzker called former Republican President Donald Trump a “selfish blowhard.” 

Earlier this month, Pritzker blasted Trump at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s state convention.

“Donald Trump is a convicted felon, an adjudicated rapist and a congenital liar,” Pritzker said when delivering the keynote address in Wisconsin.

At the DNC in August, delegates from all 50 states will convene in Chicago to officially select the party’s nominees for president and vice president for the November election. 

Illinois U.S. Rep. Mary Miller, R-Hindsboro, along with several CNN pundits, commented on Biden’s cognitive decline after the debate. In a statement, Miller said she’s been warning the public about Joe Biden’s severe cognitive decline, but the media chose to help Biden cover up his situation rather than inform the public. 

“After the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, I said that Biden’s inability to function would cause chaos and danger for America and our allies. Joe Biden should resign, and Kamala Harris and JB Pritzker should explain why they lied and misled the public when they insisted that Joe Biden is up for this job,” stated Miller in a news release. 

Two years ago, Miller called Biden’s “woke government” a disaster.

“My constituents in the 15th district miss President Trump and an agenda that puts Americans first,” said Miller on the House floor, when speaking about the rising cost of food.

In 2021, Pritzker denied speaking publicly or privately about his interest in seeking the White House should the opportunity arise. Pritzker is the richest politician in the U.S. and has self-funded his own campaigns, as well as contributing to Democrats nationwide.

The Illinois GOP and the Illinois Democratic Party also reacted to Thursday night’s debate.

Dean White, RNC Committeeman for Illinois, said in a news release the reason why Trump is leading in the polls is because voters know he is the leader this country needs and it’s why he’ll win in November. 

“The difference between President Biden’s performance and the strong, definitive performance of President Trump could not be more clear. President Trump displayed why we need his leadership in the White House: to bring down the cost of living for American families, to close Joe Biden’s open border, and to give Americans confidence that we are leading from the front instead of covering for an out-of-touch career politician,” said White in a statement after the debate.

Illinois U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, said on social media Trump was the clear winner of the debate. Bost visited Trump in Mara-Lago on President’s Day in 2023. 

“Illinois district 12 … just know that he’s coming back,” Bost said while standing next to Trump in Florida. 

Earlier this year, Trump endorsed Bost over former state Sen. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, in the 2024 Republican primary for the U.S. House. 

The Illinois Democratic Party said on social media, “Donald Trump is a twice-impeached, 34-time indicted figure with a history of undermining democracy, inciting violence, and seeking revenge on his enemies. He belongs nowhere near the White House.”

Prior to the debate, Democratic Party of Illinois chair and state Rep. Lisa Hernandez, D-Cicero, said in a news release that Trump poses a serious threat to families in Illinois as he puts himself above democracy.

“Trump poses a continued and serious threat to families in Illinois across the nation, as he puts himself above the American voters and our democracy, wants to ban abortion nationwide, and threatens access to affordable health care and to gut Social Security and Medicare. Tonight, President Biden will make it clear that he works for America’s working families, while Trump only cares about himself,” stated Hernandez prior to the debate. 

After the debate, Illinois U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Schaumburg, said on Twitter, “The choice is clear: We must re-elect Joe Biden. Who’s with me? Tonight we saw the difference between a candidate who will continue to lead our country with dignity and defend democracy and one who is not fit to spend one second more in the Oval Office.”

Duckworth, in April on MSNBC, called Trump a liar. 

“What I want to say to the American people is that Donald Trump, he lies all the time,” said Duckworth, when speaking with MSNBC about the prospect of Trump signing a national ban on abortion. 

When asked about abortion in Thursday night’s debate, Trump said the issue should be left up to the states to regulate. 

Illinois U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood, R-Peoria, said in a statement that Biden is unable to serve another term and that Trump is the only one who can restore American prosperity.

“From the border crisis to inflation and weak leadership on the global stage, the Biden presidency has been a failure,” stated LaHood Friday. “No matter how hard Governor JB Pritzker and Biden’s allies try to spin last night’s debate, the American people saw a deep contrast of vision for the future of our country.”

The election is Nov. 5. 

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