Politically Speaking – December 26, 2023


There are those of us that still don’t believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election, and I could point to a number of reasons for my conclusion. However, there are those that still believe Biden is the legitimate President, the commander-in-chief, and the best thing that has happened since sliced bread.

Another conclusion I’ve come to is the corruption of the woke Biden administration has spilled over into some individual states, cities, and towns, from small city hall administrations to some woke school board members.

So buckle up, because my prediction is a tense, chaotic and corrupt 2024 election. If Biden’s handlers can’t cheat or lie their way through, they will try to steal it. But that started on January 6, 2021 in the alleged insurrection at the Capitol building, while the real insurrection by illegal immigrants was just getting started at our borders on Biden’s watch. After all, voters are needed.

However one thing is for sure: if they fail they’ll try again. If you haven’t achieved anything on your own, you attack, and attack again, and then attack some more on someone who has achieved good things for the country. So it’s all Trump’s fault now, and on top of that, you get the media to attack as well!

So what’s the next step? When all else is failing, in comes Colorado. But of course, get TRUMP’s name off the ballot. Who cares if he’s the people’s choice? Who cares if it’s unconstitutional? Surely you don’t think the corrupt of Washington, D.C. care!

There is very little I agree with Liz Cheney on. However, she said, “Our nation can endure bad policies for four or eight years. But once our constitutional system unravels, the damage is irreversible, and our republic fails just as so many others have throughout history.”

It’s taken the current administration less than four years to do that.

So what’s the next step? As I said previously, GET TRUMP OFF THE BALLOTS.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said last week the Colorado Supreme Court ruling to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot “should trouble every American.”

Trump, who has denied all wrongdoing and that he engaged in any insurrection, and who has not been found guilty, was removed because six voters filed a lawsuit. And to top it off, courts do not have authority to bar candidates from the ballot under the constitutional provision.

Kennedy, an independent candidate for the 2024 nomination and an attorney, said, “The court has deprived him [Trump] of a consequential right without having been convicted of a crime.” This was done without an evidentiary hearing in which he is given the basic right of confronting his accusers, depriving the American people of their right to choose.

And that is exactly the long and short of it. In my opinion, Kennedy is spot on. This is a move to allow the elites to choose the next president via manipulation of our legal system. Once again, it’s become a two part system, with one set of consequences for all of us over here, and no consequences for the Democrats. We’ve all seen it, from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden’s crime family.

Kennedy warned if this continues, “This country will become ungovernable.”

Frankly, in my opinion, it’s already there. It’s the people that should decide who the best candidate is. Not the court. The people. That’s Democracy 101.

What’s happening in Colorado is a totally illegal maneuver. But what’s new! Below is a list of states wanting to take Trump off the ballot along with Colorado: Arizona, California, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Nevada, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, and Virginia, among others.

When asked about Trump being an insurrectionist, Joe Biden said, “There’s no question. Donald Trump is an insurrectionist. Certainly self-evident.”

The only comment I have is this: The only insurrection that’s going on is at our borders. And, Joe, you did that.

As we saw in 2020, this is just more election rigging, an effort to deprive the American voters of their rights. And folks, it’s going to get worse.

On to Ludwig.

The End does NOT justify the Means.

I have heard from the ruling class that the 2024 election will be critical to saving our democracy. Is that consistent with cancelling primary contests and limiting who can appear on the ballot? The DNC is not going to allow any challenge to Biden at this point. There is so much pre-election chaos being generated by legal adventures from political operatives. I don’t think they are interpreting the word ‘democracy’ correctly. The ruling class is worried about losing their grip on power. Now the members of the Democratic Party are using every legal tool available to bypass the voters and narrow the choices available at the ballot. The media abets the ruling class by stoking the fear that the wrong vote will end our system of government. The ruling class is not interested in upholding allegiance to the Constitution if the voters cannot be trusted to make the ‘right’ choices. The DNC and the committee that controls the White House is scheming to maintain control at any cost.

On Tuesday, December 19, the State Supreme Court of Colorado composed of 7 Democrat justices, made a horrible error and issued a 4-3 decision that Trump was an insurrectionist and not eligible to appear on the ballot. The dissenting opinions will likely be affirmed by SCOTUS and this decision will be overturned. But in the meantime, California’s attorney general has announced an effort to duplicate Colorado’s mistake, and other States are considering joining the folly of the Colorado Supreme Court. The twisted interpretation of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment was a Civil War era response to prevent Confederate rebels from holding public office. The War Between the States was an insurrection, but the January 6, 2021 event was merely a riot. Those who committed crimes are being punished, and then some. Passionate partisans are throwing another mudpie at Trump to see if it will stick.

If we are to save our democracy, then the voters must be allowed to decide at the ballot boxes. Trump is NOT an insurrectionist, and the Colorado Supreme Court is on the wrong side of history in their error. The Constitution guarantees every citizen the right of due process, including Trump. A narrative designed by politicians and supported by propaganda is NOT due process.

The last guardian of the Constitution is the US Supreme Court. They need to act quickly. The left has spent months undermining SCOTUS like termites eating the foundation of a house. The remarkable philosophical observation is that the Democrats are choosing to deny democratic processes in their announced efforts to ‘save’ democracy. Common sense informs us that we cannot let judges and lawyers choose our candidates and subvert our election process.

SCOTUS must return a 9-0 decision to correct this situation and guarantee that we stay faithful to the founding document of our Republic.

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Cathy Stuehmeier

Cathy Stuehmeier

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