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Politically Speaking – December 5, 2023


Just three short years ago Thanksgiving 2020 came and went. Fast forward to 2023. You paid 40% more at the grocery store, even though Biden and his press secretary said you paid less. The fact is, 61% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck, and many are cashing in their retirement early just to make ends meet.

All of the above indicates the possibility of a 2024 recession warning. I hope and pray Obama/Biden supporters take a second look before it’s too late.

Moving on to the Iowa polls. Biden is hovering in the 30s while Trump has had his own problems with the deep state hoax. All of this gives Gavin Newsom a chance to step in. California Governor Newsom is another example of useless. Take a good look at California. It’s now the perfect picture of a third world country.

So what’s next? The Democratic convention is in Chicago. It’s a great place for Michelle Obama to be thrown in. Could a bait and switch be in the plan? Will it be Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom, and JB Pritzker?

In the meantime, moving on to Biden’s health. A White House doctor is warning that Biden’s cognitive decline is already putting the US at great risk. And he assures all that it’s only going to get worse.

Biden’s 81st birthday ushered in even more decline, according to Texas Republican Representative Ronnie Jackson. A former White House physician, Jackson said, without hesitation, “The decline is happening fast.”

Jackson has taken care of three Presidents, so he has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a commander-in-chief. He continued to say it’s a grueling job, both mentally and physically, and finally said of Joe Biden, “This man can’t do the job.”

Jackson served as physician under Bush, Obama, and Trump.

In my personal opinion, we can’t afford this man in office for even the remainder of his term. What I find especially interesting —giving young people credit — is that a recent NBC poll indicated that Trump leads Biden among registered voters between ages 18 to 34, an age group the Democrats need.

Speaking of Biden’s decline, the Biden Administration has pledged $100 million in humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the crisis triggered by the Hamas / Israel war.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) asks, “Why would we spend a minute of our time to figure out how to get more aid to Gaza to help terrorists?”

The fact is, the US has been aware for decades of aid money such as domestic welfare payments to Palestinian families being used to support terrorism. Instead of being used for hospitals, foods, and building roads and bridges, much of the money has ended up being used to build underground tunnels that serve as transportation routes for terrorists and weapons. But I guess you can’t fix stupid.

Last and also the least, last Thursday evening the debate between Ron DeSantis and Newsom was televised. DeSantis was the winner, hands down. Newsom is nothing but a mini Biden / Obama

Until next week.

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