Okawville Village Board Appoints and Discussions


The Okawville Village Board held a crucial meeting on Monday to discuss a number of important issues that are affecting the village and its residents. One of the main topics of discussion was the trash service, which is a critical aspect of community life and affects the daily lives of residents in many ways. The board members were in agreement that it was necessary to ensure that the trash service in the village was functioning smoothly and efficiently.

In light of this, the board passed Ordinance No. 596, which aimed to make changes to the existing Code of Ordinances. This ordinance was designed to reflect the changes that the board had made to the rates for garbage collection and recycling in the village. The new rates would better reflect the costs associated with providing the trash service and ensure that residents received a reliable and efficient service.

A crucial aspect of this discussion was the previous agreement that the board had made with Waste Management for the collection of garbage. This agreement had been approved in a previous meeting and was a result of the expiration of the previous contract with Republic Services. The board members felt that it was necessary to change providers in order to ensure that the trash service continued to be of the highest quality.

Board member Nathan Dick spoke about the questions that he had received from residents about the change in the trash service provider. He acknowledged that the transition had caused some confusion among residents and explained that the changes to the rates were necessary, regardless of which provider was chosen. He emphasized that the changes were coming, and the village was committed to ensuring that the trash service remained efficient and cost-effective for all residents.

In conclusion, the meeting of the Okawville Village Board on Monday was an important event that addressed key issues affecting the village and its residents. The board members showed their commitment to ensuring that the trash service was of the highest quality and cost-effective, and they were open to feedback and concerns from residents. The meeting was a testament to the board’s dedication to serving the best interests of the community and ensuring a better future for all.

Caleb Alexander

Caleb Alexander

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