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            Within six months after the nation chose a new president, at least four of the towns in Clinton County will be bringing in new mayors.

            The election scheduled for April 6 finds some incumbent mayors not running and others being challenged.

            In Breese, Alderman Kevin Timmermann is not opposed in the election for Mayor, taking over from Charlie Hilmes. New Baden Mayor Christy Picard decided not to run for another term so it will be Rafael Him, Randy Linthicum or Taylor Zurliene moving into that spot. Linthicum and Zurliene are on the Village Board in New Baden and Him is a past member.

            Two aldermen are running against each other for Mayor of Trenton. They are Scott Mohme from Ward 1 and Andrew Weh from Ward 2. Kyle Jones will leave the Mayor’s office there on April 30. Aviston is yet another town where the man who is mayor now won’t be on the ballot. It is Trustee Michael Kampwerth running against real estate agent and auction service owner John Kues to take over the post now held by Dale Haukapp.

            Mayor Judy Smith of Carlyle is facing a challenge from Bradley Hoffman Sr. In Centralia, the man in the Mayor’s seat, Herb Williams, is up against Bryan Kuder. The court case involving Kuder’s claim that he was elected Mayor in 2019 is strong in everyone’s mind there.

            A Trustee in Beckemeyer, Bob Crippen, is challenging Village President Joshua Mensing there. Over in Germantown, the Mayor Duane Ripperda is being challenged by Eric Deering.

Getting a free ride in their quests for election as Mayor or Village President are Stephen Schomaker in Albers, Butch Mathus Jr. in Wamac, Brian Jones in Huey, Daniel Korte in Keyesport, Jack Wilken in Bartelso, Herman Jansen Jr. in Damiansville and Dominic Wessel in St. Rose.

There are also some election battles for aldermen or trustee seats or other offices in many Clinton County towns.

Breese City Collector Sandy Hemann is being challenged by Erin Hamilton for city clerk. Also in Breese, there will be a new alderman in both Ward 1 and Ward 3. In Ward 1, Bryan Eversgerd and Nicholas Conrad are running. There are 3 going for a Ward 3 seat in Breese, none incumbents, Terry Fields, Chris Hamilton and Tricia Buehne. Incumbent candidates Ward 2 Alderman Bill Fischer and Ward 4 Alderman Robert Berndsen are not opposed in Breese.

Carlyle will have a new alderman for Ward Three. Voters are choosing from between Jeffrey Taylor and Wilson Brown. Also there you have incumbents Scott Diekemper in Ward 2 and Michael Jansen in Ward 4 without opposition. Tammy Peters, a new candidate, is unopposed for Ward 1 alderman.

There’s going to be two new council people in Centralia. Voters have to choose from a list that includes Rob Jackson, Jason Hunter, Jeffrey Castellari, Israel Fontanez Jr. and Bradley Jones. Centralia is also asking voters to approve a .50 per cent sales tax to help pay for city operations, infrastructure improvements and to provide property tax relief.

In Trenton, there is only one alderman race with opposition. That is in Ward 3 where incumbent Andrew Sims is opposed by Joe Berry. Other seats open but with no opposition there are for new candidate Mark Brown in Ward 1 and incumbent James Deien in Ward 2.

In Wamac, no one is running against the following: City Clerk Marian Suhl, Treasurer Elisabeth Jackson and aldermen Norman Faulkner and Ruth Ann Paradee. Same for the three trustees in Albers, incumbents Jeff Timmermann, Kevin Kenow and Kent Schwierjohn.

In Aviston, there is one incumbent, Kevin Eversgerd running for reelection as trustee but four others for a total of three seats: Matthew Kohner, Troy Kapp, Curtis Albers and Doris Goestenkors. Bartelso Trustee Mike Gebke is running for village clerk. Two candidates who will be new to the Bartelso board that are listed on the ballot for three seats with incumbent Ryan Hoerchler are Richard Winkleler and Adam Maue.

Four people are running for three trustee seats in Beckemeyer. They are incumbents Roland Kampwerth and new candidates Michael Hagen, Mary Becker and Colby Rakers. The clerk there, Lisa Lammers is not opposed for her reelection.   

Damiansville has three incumbent trustees, Brian Albers, Jay Warren and Norman Horstmann being challenged by Phillip Fuehne for three seats on their board. There are also two incumbent board members, Moe Ripperda and Bernice Toennies up for unexpired two year terms there.

Germantown has three men serving on its board who are up for reelection without opposition, Mick Albers, Roger Rickhoff and Kenneth Albers. The Village of Hoffman finds incumbents Tammy Travis and Mabron Spittler running again as trustees.

In Huey, John Meskil and Vickie Hall are the only two trustee candidates for two board positions, Keyesport sees no opposition for Marsha Martin as village treasurer, or Edward Rule and Michall Chasteen as trustees.

New Baden voters are asked to choose three village board members from among incumbents Chris Locke and Bob Oster and challengers Cindi Meredith-Wheelan, Jason Pollack and Byron Lewis. There is another two year board position opening up in New Baden that Rebecca Schomaker is running for with no opponent.

Three trustees candidates in St. Rose, without opposition, are Justin Detmer, Steven Tebbe and Daniel Trame.

Caleb Alexander

Caleb Alexander

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