Update From Congresswoman Mary Miller

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The Democrats spent this past month focusing on stripping your constitutional right to bear arms, ending women’s sports, federalizing our elections, and more.

Meanwhile, schools are still closed, people are out of work, and there is a crisis on at our nation’s border.


The Democrats passed the Equality Act. Although titled the ‘Equality Act,’ the policies within this bill would create more inequality and profoundly impact all Americans.

The Inequality Act is simply the progressive fringe of the country trying to push their radical beliefs about marriage and gender on the rest of us.

This bill would force schools (both public and private), churches, hospitals, businesses, and other institutions to recognize an individual’s “chosen gender” instead of their “biological sex.” As a result, more women and girls would be forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sleeping facilities with biological men who “identify” as women.

H.R. 5 would also crowd women out of female athletics by forcing them to compete against biological males who identify as female.

This bill will also  affect faith-based adoption agencies. They will either be forced to abandon their beliefs of traditional marriage or shut down.

For these reasons and more, I made sure to vote “NO” on this terrible legislation.



Voting “NO” on the Inequality Act was only the beginning.

I also introduced H.R. 1417, the Safety and Opportunity for Girls Act, my first bill as a Member of Congress.

This bill would clarify that nothing in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 can be interpreted to give the President the authority to prohibit schools from maintaining sex-segregated bathrooms, locker, rooms, sports teams, and academic programs. The bill adds a clear definition of sex to Title IX to clarify that “sex” means biological sex, not gender identity.

Democrats continue to push radical gender ideology on our children, and we must draw the line to protect women and girls. On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to interpret Title IX as requiring schools to allow access to sex-segregated spaces and activities based on gender identity. 

But Title IX was created to enhance opportunities for women, not threaten their safety. This is why I introduced H.R. 1417. My goal is to protect spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams for women like my five daughters, and so many others across the country.

My bill is currently cosponsored by 22 other Members of Congress.



The Democrats continue to call their $1.9 trillion legislation a “rescue package” or a “relief bill.” But, I call it what it is: The Pelosi Payoff.

Speaker Pelosi continues to put politics first. Instead of a $1.9 trillion payoff to the far-left, we should be working to reopen schools, rebuild our economy, and defeat the virus. 

Only 9% of the spending in the “COVID relief” bill is tied to COVID. That’s not COVID relief. That’s Pelosi’s Payoff to Progressives. I voted NO because this sham of a “relief” bill is insulting to hardworking taxpayers!

The image below highlights just how little of the Nancy Pelosi and Democrat’s so-called COVID relief bill will actually help combat the coronavirus. Over 90% of this bill goes towards enacting President Biden’s political priorities, not helping those in need now.

A few specific examples that are included in this bill are funds for Pelosi’s subway in San Francisco and loans to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. This bill also includes $350 billion for blue state government bailouts, not small businesses. 

One trillion dollars from past relief bills is still unspent and many economists warn that this massive package will cause inflation. 



I rose in opposition to H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” what should actually be named the “For the Politicians Act.” There is nothing in this bill that is for the “people.”

The damaging aspects of this bill go on and on. To start, this bill would eliminate voter ID. Americans need an ID to drive, get married, get on an airplane, buy cold medicine. But apparently my colleagues on the other side of the aisle think eliminating any proof of who you are when it comes to the ballot box is “for the people.” It’s not. It’s for the politicians. 

Then we have taxpayer funded campaigns. H.R. 1 would implement a SIX to ONE match for small donor contributions of up to 200 dollars in a congressional or presidential campaign. The people of Illinois’ 15th district shouldn’t be forced to fund the campaigns of people they vehemently disagree with. 

The bill also changes the voting age to 16, supports D.C. statehood, and threatens the political speech rights of everyday Americans.

The November election made it readily apparent that our election system needs fixing. This bill just puts the fix in future elections.

I spoke in opposition to this bill on the House floor.


I hosted my first telephone town hall this past month. I am thankful to all that joined! It was exciting to share how my first month of Congress has been with my constituents.

We discussed current attacks on our First and Second Amendments, the COVID “relief” bill, the Inequality Act, and H.R. 1, the For the Politicians Act. 

We discussed the work I’m been doing in my committee assignments, the Agriculture Committee and Education & Labor Committee. 

We look forward to hosting more of these soon. Make sure to follow my official government social media pages to keep updated on when we do this next.

DEFUND THE POLICE, George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021

I voted against an anti-police bill last week. It would revoke important protections, leaving cops without the legal protections that help them protect us from criminals.

In any given split-second, an officer on the beat might have to make a decision that balances his safety, the public’s safety, and the need to enforce the law.

We give the police some degree of protection from lawsuits because these judgement calls in life-or-death situations are very difficult to evaluate fairly from the safety of a courtroom long after the fact.  

The bill would take those protections away from our nation’s police. Supporting our police is now more important than ever. 


My staff has been making their way around Illinois’ 15th Congressional District for constituent casework service office hours. Our goal is to hit all 33 counties in my first 100 days in office.

The office has visited Effingham, Douglas, Wabash, Edwards, Massac, Johnson, Pope, Hardin, Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, White, Coles, Crawford, Jasper, Richland, Lawrence, Shelby, Wayne & Clay Counties.

The next tour dates are listed below.

March 15
10-noon CT
Madison County
Maryville City Hall
2520 N. Center Street
Maryville, IL 62062
March 15
2-4 pm CT
Bond County (Greenville)
Greenville City Hall
404 S. Third
Greenville, IL 62246
March 16
10-noon CT
Moultrie County (Sullivan)
Elizabeth Titus Memorial Library
2 West Water Street
Sullivan, IL 61951
March 17
10-noon CT
Clinton County (Carlyle)
Kase Halstead Library
550 Sixth Street
Carlyle, IL 62231
March 17
2-4 pm CT
Washington County 
Kaskaskia College-Nashville Education Center
17869 Exchange Avenue
Nashville, IL 62263
March 18
10-noon CT
Marion County 
Salem City Hall
101 S. Broadway
Salem, IL 62881
March 18
2-4 pm CT
Fayette County 
Senator Jason Plummer’s Office
310 W. Gallatin
Vandalia, IL 62471
March 2210-Noon CTFord CountyPaxton Village Hall145 S. Market Street Paxton, IL 60957
March 222-4 pm CTChampaign County Rantoul  Area Chamber of Commerce120 E. Sangamon AvenueRantoul, IL 61866March 2310-Noon CTVermilion County Office of Rep. Miller201 N. Vermilion Street Suite 325Danville, IL 61832March 232-4 pm CTEdgar CountyParis Carnegie Public Library, 207 S. Main Street, Paris, IL  61944March 2410-Noon CTClark County   Marshall City Hall, 201 S. Michigan Avenue, Marshall, IL  62441
March 242-4 pm CT Cumberland County Neoga Village Hall533 Chestnut Avenue Neoga, IL 62447   


Today, the House voted on two bills that attack your Second Amendment right to bear arms. One is H.R. 8, the “Bipartisan Background Checks Act.” 

Current law already prohibits giving firearms to individuals who are legally barred from possessing a gun, and all firearm dealers are required to run a background check when selling to a buyer.

H.R. 8 would criminalize the actions of honest, law-abiding citizens who are lending or giving guns to friends and family By making non-criminal gun transfers more difficult, the bill makes it harder for Americans to practice self-defense.

The two bills that the House passed today are an unacceptable attack on our Constitution and I will continue to work to protect the right to keep and bear arms.

I spoke with Spicer & Co. on Newsmax last night to share why these bills are bad for Illinois’ 15th Congressional District.

Caleb Alexander

Caleb Alexander

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